Are You Stuck in a Low Paying Job?


Do you feel like you work too hard for far too little money?

Back in the day when you ran into a buddy post-college working at Starbucks, you wondered what was wrong with this person. Had they not been networking? Now it’s far too common to walk into a fast food joint to see a buddy from college working and hustling to meet end’s meet.

I just read on CNN Money that low-paying jobs are here to stay. The portion of this article that stuck out to me the most was the following line:

“Some 28% of workers are expected to hold low-wage jobs in 2020, roughly the same percentage as in 2010, according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute.”

What’s the deal with so many folks holding low-paying gigs?

I don’t have the answers here. I’m not an Economist. I’ve done my best compile answers on why so many young folks are stuck working jobs that just don’t pay well.

  • Times have changed.
  • There was a recession.
  • People lost jobs.
  • More folks have an education these days than ever before.
  • Student loans are such a burden that young people are forced to work any job that they can find.
I’m sure we could add more to this list. Those were the most frequent responses that I found for why young people were stuck making minimum wage and simply not making enough money.

Is education the solution?

Not always. Many folks with degrees are mopping floors and cleaning dishes.

While an education is recommended, there are other ways to land a better paying job. For example: you can start your own business or pick up a skilled trade.

You don’t have to pick up massive amounts of debt to attend college. That model is long gone and obsolete.

How can you get out of a low-paying gig?

The solution is pretty simple. Pursue an education with ample high-paying job opportunities. While doing this it also makes sense to find a way to save money on college tuition.

CNN Money also wrote about the degrees with theĀ highest paying jobs post-college. Pick one of these, try to do work terms, and work your butt off when you’re young.

I’m just curious to hear from you — do you know someone stuck in a low-paying job? What advice would you give them?


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