How You Can Train at Home to Save Money

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Are you ready to finally get in shape? Is a lack of money preventing you from training? Well, this is the article for you…

I like to cover all sorts of financial experiments on here because I want us to save money together and crush our finances. I also want us to get in shape together. It’s time to use our limited financial resources to look better than ever before.

How can you train at home to save money?

You must first realize that getting in shape isn’t 100% all about working out and training. A majority of the battle relies on your diet and what you put into your system. Before you start to stress about training and different workout regimens, the first goal should be to focus on your diet and what you’re eating.

You can check out this resource on fasting and eating right.

Once you improve your eating, you can focus more on different types of strength training.

What about home workout programs?

We live in an era where home-based workouts are gaining popularity. In the last few years all sorts of random home-based workouts have been sold and marketed like crazy to us. Should you give in to the marketing hype?

It depends on how you follow up to be honest. Buying P90X and letting it sit on your desk next to your “to-do” list is a waste of money. If you pop that dvd in right away and use it 3x per week, well then it’s a pretty decent investment.

How can you ensure that you actually use the dvd?

  • Create incentives for yourself.
  • Find a workout buddy.
  • Give it a test run. Use free material online to see if any of these programs are right for you.

Should you buy any equipment?

Perhaps. I have a few pieces of equipment that make training easier for me. What equipment have I purchased to train from home?

  1. Kettlebell.
  2. Resistance bands.
  3. Two 20lb dumbbells.

You don’t need to buy these tools. They just help with your training.

What are some basic workouts to perform at home?

There are all sorts of workouts worth checking out. I recommend that you read the beginner body weight workout at Nerd Fitness if you’re just getting started. You don’t need much to perform this workout routine.

If that workout doesn’t work you can never go wrong with some basic pushups and going for a walk. When I don’t feel like lifting weights, I grab some music and go for a 30-minute walk. If I don’t have time for the gym, I bust out the pushups at home. All that matters is that you push yourself.

That’s how you can train at home to save money and look like an athlete!



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