When Do You Give up on a Crappy Job?


“Great jobs, world-class jobs, jobs people kill for — those don’t get filled by people emailing in resumes.” — Seth Godin

Most of us get stuck in some crappy job. It just happens. One day you’re miserable and unemployed. Then someone hooks you up with an interview. Now you’re happy and employed. Some time goes on. Now you’re miserable and employed. How did this happen?

Somewhere along the line the euphoria of finally having a job fades away. You’re stuck with the reality of how much you dread your work and can’t stand your co-workers. You feel stuck. You’re not sure of what to do next. I want to help you here.

When do you know that it’s time to give up on a crappy job?

You have no control over anything.

We all want some control in our lives. We always feel so helpless. It feels great to have some control at work. What if your job doesn’t give you any control at all? Then maybe it’s time you went somewhere that gives you the respect that you deserve.

How much control do you want?

You engage in toxic habits.

I’m not here to judge anyone. There’s nothing wrong with a beer or a cigar after work. We all like to chill out. The problem arises when you feel the need to get completely drunk or engage in any other habit after a day at work. That’s not natural. Your job shouldn’t force you into drinking.

If you find yourself trying to escape all of the time or engaged in toxic habits, perhaps you ought to plan your exit strategy. Your health is priceless. Everything else can be bought.

You get extremely depressed before work.

Once again, your job shouldn’t depress you. We all feel down when a project isn’t complete or if we have bad day. However, it’s not worth getting depressed after work. This transcends into other areas of your life. Do you want to be the guy that’s always complaining about work? It gets really annoying. Your friends love you but you shouldn’t always be miserable.

There’s more potential out there.

Are there other opportunities out there for you? Of course there are. We can all switch careers or do something different. There’s so much potential out there in this world. Why waste one second feeling miserable about yourself?

That’s when it’s time to get out of that crappy job. You owe it to yourself to be happy.


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