Creating Macros In Excel 2007

Excel macros

I did write an introduction to macros in the past which is still very much relevant. That being said, if you use Excel 2007, you might be using slightly different menus so I thought I could go over the menus in order to give a brief introduction to building macros in Excel 2007. First thing to know, you should be looking in the Developer tab that you can see here:

Then, here is what each button will help you do:

Visual Basic: this will help you read, write and edit code as I described in a previous post
Macros: If you want to look at the different macros by name to be able to either run them or start editing them, this is the way
Record macros: In order to create macros by recording them. It’s the easiest way to do it and the perfect way to get started
Design Mode: Once you select this mode, you will be able to modify buttons without having the macros start running when you touch the buttons
-Insert: If you need to add a button, a form, a dropdown menu or anything else of that nature, this is where you’d go.

Overall, while I’m not a fan of the navigation in Excel 2007 in general, I do still think that for building macros, it’s much better than previous versions. What are your thoughts?


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