How-to Save Money Before Breakfast Tomorrow

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Do you finally want to save money? Are you ready to amp up your savings account? I want this to be the year that you start saving more money.

2013 is here and I don’t believe in resolutions. There’s no time for that. I would rather take real action to see real results. I’ve learned over the years that a few small moves today can really benefit you in the future. The beauty is that you don’t have to be super-educated or break your back to see some serious savings.

How can you save money before breakfast tomorrow morning? How can you take a few minutes to amp up your savings?

Create automated savings.

Have you set your savings yet? I don’t like to think about budgeting money and putting my money away. I want to just set it and forget it. I want life to be simplified. I don’t want to think about money non stop. A few years ago, I filled out a form with my employer. It allowed them to take $50 from my paychecks. This was the best idea ever because I’ve managed to passively saving over a thousand dollars every single year. Not bad for no effort.

Cut a subscription.

How many monthly subscriptions do you have? Whenever I want to get serious about my savings, I look over my fixed expenses to see what can be cut. I often find a subscription or something that can be cut out. Then I go after it. This will take you a few minutes maximum. You’ll now be saving more money without much effort at all. Will you get rid of that iTunes account?

Put something up for sell.

Look around your room. Do you see too much crap? Did you know that you can easily sell this stuff for money? You can go on eBay to get rid of some junk and get paid in the process. You’ll have much more space in your home and you’ll have more cash in that good old savings account. A win-win situation if you asked me.

Find a paying gig.

Are you not making enough money? You can put up an ad on Kijiji to see if someone is willing to pay you for your services. What are you good at? What can you teach others? A paying gig will help you make money for the time being. This beats saving money on daily coffees. Once you find your first paying client, you can leverage this to find even more clients and more revenue.

How will you save money before breakfast? As fun as it is to go through Facebook or Twitter to see the newest jokes, you can really benefit from taking a few minutes to do something interesting.


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