How To Setup Controls In Excel With Conditional Formatting

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One of the most important and useful parts of Excel as you surely know is the improvement and automation of processes. One interesting feature is the ability to setup different “control panels” that get data from a few sources and generate alerts.

Today, I wanted to look at an example where someone would have different currency risks and would like to easily see when one of those risks approaches or breaches a limit. First, take a look at the table in this example:

I’d like to have any data that is at 80% to 99% of the limit become orange. Then, if it breaches the limit, I’d like that exposure to become red. To do so, I simply select the cells then select: conditional formatting:

Here is the new result:

It’s very simple right? As the exposure (which could be linked to other sheets, etc). You could even have a script that checks periodically and sends out an email if a limit is breached or brings up a popup.

You can download the spreadsheet here!


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