Use Excel To Send Email Reminders Through Outlook

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One of the primary ways that I use Outlook to save time at work. I’ll try to discuss some of the things that I do in upcoming posts but today I wanted to start with a fairly simple one. What is it?

Every day I send out emails with a postponed date. It’s a reminder to myself or others in the team of specific events, things to do, etc. Yes, I know that reminders can work but I personally feel like sending emails is much more effective.

So I use excel to send out these requests, it’s much easier to do and I’m able to send out tens of different ones in just a few minutes…! Take a look at the most basic spreadsheet:

Here is the code that I used:

One I click on the “send” button, the email appears in my outlook outbox:

If the date and time is already past, it is sent automatically and would appear in my sent items. There are many possibilities here such as using it for email reminders, sending emails later (no matter what the reason), etc.

You can download the spreadsheet here


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One Feedback on "Use Excel To Send Email Reminders Through Outlook"

Cindi Miceli

I like it but what if I need to send emails to different people based on the expiration date of a document like a driver’s license. How would that be done?