Sending Delayed Emails In Outlook Using Excel

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I’m a big believer in productivity and personally, trying to manage my emails as efficiently as possible is the #1 way to do this at work. I manage my emails in many different ways and always try to keep the number of emails in my inbox to a minimum. One thing that I like to do is sending postponed emails to myself and a few people in my team. Why? Because in general it’s the most efficient way to make sure no one forgets about something that needs to be done and it’s easy for anyone to reply.

I used to do this by going into Outlook and sending emails from there while going into the options and selecting a different “sending date”. It turned out to be very time consuming though and I tried to get this done in excel since I know there are many ways to write VBA macros that communicate together. Here is what I ended up getting:

The interface that I use to generate the emails is fairly simple:

Once I enter the details, I press send and the email is added to my outbok where it will remain until that specified time and date appears.

I could also write macros that would generate many emails if there was a simple order. For example if I needed to send the same email every day or every month, I could do it using this file as a starting point.

It has truly saved me many hours of time.

As always, you can download the spreadsheet here!


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One Feedback on "Sending Delayed Emails In Outlook Using Excel"


This is fantastic work! Thank you for publishing it for us.

One question, is it possible for one to cancel the delayed message after the macro is complete?