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One of the functions that I’ve used several times on this blog is the “IsError” function where I will test to see if a specific cell has an “error”. Why? For example if I use the vlookup function and I cannot find the “value”, then I’d prefer seeing some other message rather than a #Value

There are many other types of “IsFunctions” that will either return “True” or “False” which can be very useful. Here are a few:


For example, if I have a database of hundreds of lines and want to be sure that a specific field is not blank, this would be a good way to do it. For example:

Then, I could transform that data into a number by doing the following:


As you can see, these type of functions are great to add control tests


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One Feedback on "IS Functions"


I don’t see the point of using the Isblank formula how you have used it. You will still need to search for a 1 to find blank. It is easier to put a filter on col B and select blanks