Do Google Docs Scripts = MS Excel VBA?

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There are many benefits to using Google Docs instead of Microsoft Excel which I’ve certainly discussed on this blog but one big downside in my opinion is/was the lack of complexity of Google docs. I run several excel spreadsheets that use complex functions, macros, etc.

Google Docs Scripts Could Be The Way Forward?

Google does offer ways to add complexity through “scripts” which I had heard about but had never used. I then ended up looking for ways to get the latest price of “Bitcoins” and while there were ways to do it with a simple formula, I did see a script which looked interesting so I decided to give it a try. I’ll tell you how step by step.

Step #1-Create A new spreadsheet

Step #2-Name a cell (this specific script would add the Bitcoin value into a specific cell so I needed to name a cell:

Step #3-Create A Script

Step #4-Run The Script

Voila! You can see the value here:

This is certainly interesting and I’ll without a doubt be reading up on these and trying several more. I doubt I’ll get rid of Excel anytime soon but if I’m able to move some of my spreadsheets, I’d be thrilled.

One big challenge that I expect is that I’ll certainly have a lot more trouble finding info about Google Doc scripts than Excel VBA.

Have any of you tried Google Docs scripts? If so, I’d love to hear from you.


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