Lumenos vs. Aetna PPO

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Since switching employers, my husband and I have also switched insurance providers. We chose a because it was the plan with the most flexibility, but I wanted to write a follow up to my original review of so that I can give some more concrete comparisons. Keep in mind that our situation (a healthy, relatively young couple, with no chronic health problems) may be different from yours. Still, overall, I still much prefer Lumenos, as you’ll see below. I plan on updating the table as things arise.

  Aetna Lumenos
Copay Requires a co-pay of about $10 for most medical visits. This is fine, not too big of a complaint. No co-pay. Also, all preventive care covered at 100% at no cost to you.
Website ease of use Only participant can register on website, not dependents.
Choosing your plan from a menu list of options is confusing when searching for a doctor.
Participant and all dependents have independent logins and privacy. Participant can’t view dependents’ records.
Simple list of doctors within network right from website’s front page
Vision N/A – covered separately by Covered exams for glasses and contacts as well as a year’s supply of contacts and glasses and lenses once per 12 months from any remaining HRA allocation. (This also compares favorably against the VSP plan that we have.)

Last updated: 05/31/2006


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