Earnings finally positive this month

Experiglot's valuation

Experiglot’s edged up a bit to -$20.96 thanks to finally netting positive from Adsense for the first time (and, ignoring labor costs as usual; including labor, NPV is almost -$4000).

I’ve started incorporating other sources of revenue in the form of , , and (all affiliated links). But until I build up enough traffic to be attractive to advertisers, which probably won’t be for a couple of months at the very least, I don’t expect to see anything coming in from those.

At least I now have a rating on Alexa, albeit a 7-digit one. Traffic jumped this month due to a combination of being included in a and growing traffic from PFBlogs, and there was definitely some noticeable difference from contributing to blog .

That’s it for now!


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Hey, if you counted labor for a blog we all would be broke.

If you are looking to make some extra cash blogging, start a new one that is in a fairly narrow niche that pays well for adsense. You most likely can piggy back the hosting with the company you use now and the odds are much higher you will earn off of it.

Broader categories pay poorly compared to tighter categories.

Best of luck!



Thanks for the encouragement and advice! I’m sure finding the right, lucrative niche is the way to go, but I haven’t convinced myself that’s what I want to do yet (and I can’t do anything half-heartedly).

I realize ‘finance’ is too broad a category, but unfortunately, I don’t know if I have a specialty even within this area that I can write enough about for an entire blog. (Heh, I wish I knew more about real estate; sure those ads are paying nicely! :) )

The main thing this site is for is to share some knowledge about finance-related areas and also for me to learn about investing. It’s more beneficial to me (both intellectually and financially) if I can successfully do the latter than earn money from the blog itself.

Have a nice weekend!