Wednesday update

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Be sure to check out this week’s Festival of Frugality over at Punny Money. There’s a simple and nice one on — a nice article about how to make your backyard bloom cheaply, and what’s more, it’s a great motivator to get to know your neighbor better and build up a sense of community.

Also, in the more-lists-than-you-ever-wanted-to-see category, check out the link to the left on another group writing project from Darren Rowse. This time, he’s giving away five prizes at random, so submissions have gone through the roof. Lists range from the weird, wonky, and humorous to the introspective on almost any subject you can imagine.


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Beverly Mathebula

i work with large number of data that need to be consoliadated and be verified. consolidating the data from multiple workbook. how do i do that faster and without errors, especial if it contains formulas. includes some countifs and sumif formula to the tutorial.