Donating all October earnings to Grameen Bank

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I’m really embarassed to say that I didn’t find out that until today.

Somehow, I noticed all the announcements for the other Nobel prizes during the last week or so but managed to miss out on the biggest one. I’ve been a big fan of Mr. Yunus and Grameen ever since I first read his book a few years ago.

To celebrate the Nobel, all of this site’s earnings in October will go to Grameen. So far, it looks like my October earnings will only be comprised of Adsense, as the other affiliate programs I’ve participated in the past are currently inactive, but the whatever comes in from whichever affiliate will be contributed online via Grameen Foundation USA.

As of this writing, my earnings stand at $49.04. I’m not expecting to break any records this month, but I’m sure wherever my earnings land, they’ll go much further in Grameen’s hands!


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Donated October site earnings of $109.88 to the Grameen Foundation | Experiments in Finance

[…] Earlier in October, I announced that I’d be donating all site earnings to the Grameen Foundation in celebration of Mr. Muhammed Yunus and the Grameen Bank’s 2006 Nobel Peace Prize award. First, thanks to everyone for making it a record earnings month for Experiments in Finance and contributing to this worthy cause. It was the first month I broke the 3-figure barrier and if I can keep this up, maybe can make it to becoming a four-figure blogger. […]