Barron’s Challenge: for students and profs

Value investing

For those interested and who qualify, registration for is currently underway.

The challenge lasts 5 months, from October 30, 2006 through March 31, 2007, and there are two divisions: one for students (pretty much anyone doing full- or part-time studies at an accredited junior or four-year college or university or graduate school), and one for professors currently employed at the same criteria. Top prizes are $1500 to the winners in each group, $1000 for those in second-place, and $500 for those in third.

Yours truly doesn’t qualify, but I know of many people who would (including fellow bloggers). If you don’t qualify and would still like to compete in a mock stock-picking challenge, you might want to check out , though because they focus on trading, competitions only last for one week or a month at the longest.

Hopefully, Barron’s will publish standings and winners at the end, because I’d love to see if any winners used a good strategy that I can learn from!


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