Donated October site earnings of $109.88 to the Grameen Foundation

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Earlier in October, I announced that I’d be donating all site earnings to the Grameen Foundation in celebration of Mr. Muhammed Yunus and the Grameen Bank’s 2006 Nobel Peace Prize award. First, thanks to everyone for making it a record earnings month for Experiments in Finance and contributing to this worthy cause. It was the first month I broke the 3-figure barrier and if I can keep this up, maybe can make it to becoming a four-figure blogger.

I’m happy to report that I was wrong in my prediction that I’d have only Adsense earnings to contribute. Here’s how Experiments in Finance’s revenues broke down for October:

    Adsense: $85.09
    BlogHerAds: $20.52
    Amazon: $0.37
    Linkworth: $0.33
    BlogAds: $3.57

    Total: $109.88

Because affiliates have thresholds for disbursing payments, it so happens that I didn’t cross any of them and won’t be getting paid for these amounts for another month at least. But, bad as this might be in terms of revenue recognition, I felt it was right to go ahead and make the donation to the Grameen Foundation as promised. I’m big on transparency, so here’s the screen shot confirming the donation amount (click to enlarge):

Traffic for Experiments in Finance also grew to a record 6,654 visitors (12,219 page views) in October.

So again, thanks to everyone for making this such a successful project!

By the way, blogging for a charity is a fairly common thing to do. Darren at Problogger and ended up donating 110 pairs at ~AU$10 a pair, and Nick over at Punny Money and JD at Get Rich Slowly participated in a blogathon this year for their charity, .

I doubt I’ll ever be up for a 24-hour blogathon, but having another earnings-for-charity month will probably happen again here in the not-too-distant future.

Finally, if you’re looking for the graph that used to appear on the upper-left sidebar, I’ve decided to just embed it in my earnings posts from now on. Here it is, below, an anticlimactic denouement for this post :)


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5 Feedbacks on "Donated October site earnings of $109.88 to the Grameen Foundation"


Congratulations!! Not just that you have a triple-digit earning month, but the earning can be put in good use.


Thanks! I have to admit it feels pretty good to be able to donate a meaningful amount!


Keep up the good work, Ricemutt.

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