Of the Festival of Frugality and Cartoons…

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Just a couple administrative things today: first, Experiments in Finance (this site) is hosting next Tuesday’s Festival of Frugality, so get those juices flowing for submissions! I’ll be trying my best too to come up with a fun or creative layout for it as host. That particular Tuesday will be a busy one for me, so I’m going to stick to the cutoff time — er, hmm, the official site doesn’t seem to list one — but let’s make it 5PM Pacific Time (8PM Eastern) on Monday the 13th.

Second, I wanted to follow up on last week’s drawing of a Christmas blog cartoon. I’m flattered to have been named an honorable mention by Darren at Problogger (who judged the selections), though I really don’t feel like my entry can compare. The winning cartoon shown here with permission was by Ming at Artmaker, and the runner-up was a takeoff of . You can see the full list of cartoons below and the post on the winning entry at Chewing Pencils too. It was fun to see everyone’s take on the challenge of creating a Christmas cartoon with the word “blog” somewhere in it. If Matt holds another group drawing project, I’m sure there will be 10x the number of entries next time. Congrats to Ming, Tony, and everyone, and thanks again Matt!

Full list of entries:

    Ming from Artmaker submitted Santa on a laptop
    Tony from Success from the Nest submitted a Christmas blob
    Adrian from Antrageous Antics submitted one of Santa’s ant elves
    William from Artist Hideout submitted Santa as a ProBlogger
    Greg from Eeight submitted two cartoons – a long line and a cool sled
    Greg from Fauxplay submitted a Desert Kiosk and a Snow Blogger
    The two dudes from Mob Motion submitted Santa Strike Squad (The original is worth a mention too – Location, Location and Location)
    Chris from Qwertyrash submitted Naughty and Nice and Is Santa Real?
    Russ from Toon Blog submitted a Frozen Santa
    Bee from Art to Make You Laugh submitted this Christmas Decoration
    Dave from The Cartoon Blog submitted a Blog Present
    Laura from Out of Context submitted some Blog Reading Reindeer

    And Matt from Chewing Pencils kicked the whole thing off with the Changing Face of Christmas



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