Woo hoo! Making money from my blog

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November was a record month for Experiments in Finance. Earnings (defined as revenues – expenses) was $188.19. This month’s blogging expense was only my $9.95 monthly hosting fee. Revenue came from the following sources:

    Adsense: $102.56
    Linkworth: $54.61
    BlogHerAds: $19.59
    BlogAds: $21.43

The month-over-month doubling of earnings was driven by a 50% increase in traffic since October. I’m now averaging around 400 visitors a day, which is shocking to see, but certainly much appreciated. I did tweak the layout of this site in late October and last week so that things are more aligned and easier to read. (I think the site looks much tidier now.)

In case it’s useful to others, according to Google Analytics, I consistently have about an 80/20 split between new/returning visitors each month. I’m not sure how the split of traffic sources on other personal finance blogs compare, but about 50% of traffic to my site is through Google, so my guess is that this search engine traffic is really the biggest driver of ad revenue.

Here’s how my earnings and traffic has trended since I started this site (click to enlarge):


I’m not sure how much longer the growth trend can or will continue, so I’ll enjoy it while I can. Regardless, as it turns out, I think I’ve already donated more than my blog earnings to date (more on that in an upcoming post). Still, it’s nice to see that some of my posts really are assets that can generate earnings long after they’ve been written.

I’m a lot surprised and plenty flattered that so many people find my site worth visiting. My writing here has been a bit light lately because I’ve been busy with some job interviews, so once that gets resolved (hopefully, soon…it just seems like round after round of interviews), I expect to get back to doing some longer posts.

Thanks to everyone for making this site what it is today!


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Congrats! It must feel good to see your efforts paying off!



James Dobe

Very good post… see also http://www.businesshackers.com for more posts on this subject…