Off-topic: Do you know more than the average American?


The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) published a a while ago that I meant to post. Feel free to take it, and then click on the links on the left for more info on some of their findings. Embarassingly, I only scored a 75% (that’s a C), which although higher than the average American at 49%, is still pretty dismal considering all the education I’ve had.

Although the parts are no doubt edited down so that only the most unbelievable bits are aired, here’s a funny clip from Jaywalking on money matters from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


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Surprisingly, I got 29/33 (87%) and I’m not American.

With regard to the Jay Leno clip, it looks like a pretty good arguement for all voters to pass a financial literacy test before being allowed to vote – a lot of the candidates would probably fail as well.


I think this would at least boot everyone’s literacy for the better. That in itself wouldn’t be so bad


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It’s amazing how little most people know about finance. I was reading on another personal finance blog (I unfortunately can’t remember the name right now) about this interesting idea of having sort of a “board of directors” to help you with the financial stuff. In reality it sounds more fancy than it is. The underlying idea is that you should have people who have a good grasp of finance to help you make the best decisions.

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Great video clip! Made me laugh.. inside and out! :-)


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