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mba programs in canada

mba programs in canada

When I first thought of completing an MBA, I wanted to get the right one for my needs. There are plenty of MBA programs in Canada and with technology, there are some MBA programs you can get from home. For example, when I was looking at Financial Services MBA programs, I found out that Dalhousie was offering an online MBA program!

Get The Right MBA Program Before Looking at the School

The very first step when you are thinking of starting an MBA program is to look what different specialities are available. Most people ignore what an MBA is and this is why you may be disappointed if you don’t pick the right one upfront. A general MBA program is good for someone who doesn’t have a bachelor degree in commerce. Engineers, lawyers or entrepreneurs will look into such programs because they don’t have much marketing, finance, or human resources knowledge. However, if you have your bachelor degree and you enter into a general MBA program, you probably won’t learn much.  So before you look at which school you want to go to, look at all the specialities.

Why I wanted to do an MBA

I can’t speak of what I don’t know, so I won’t talk much about the MBA programs in the states. However, I had been looking carefully into several MBA programs in Canada before making my final decision. When I had decided to start the MBA, there were 3 reasons why I did it:

I wanted to start a Network

I think that the biggest strength of any MBA program resides in its ability to grow a huge network of contacts. This is where you make connections with influential people in several other companies. In my case, I had decided to take the financial services MBA program since I wanted to know people in the banking industry. I work as a financial planner so knowing several managers in other banks couldn’t hurt ;-).

I think you should spend a lot of time with everybody in your class. Try to organize cocktails or outside MBA activities. While it will require more time, this is where you will get the highest ROI from your MBA.

I wanted to upgrade my knowledge

I didn’t want to go to school to listen to teachers telling me what the new trend in management is. What I wanted was to learn from my team members’ work experience. MBA programs in Canada are designed in a way where you will touch on several topics but not won’t become an expert in any of them. As I had been working in marketing and finance already, there wasn’t much academic stuff that I had to learn. On the other hand, each MBA session included times when people exchanged their best practices and past experiences. These were the moments when I was taking the most notes of the day!

I wanted to get the darn paper ;-)

Believe it or not, an MBA diploma is not a minimum requirement for any job. This doesn’t make you shine; it only puts you equal to or ahead of other candidates while applying for a better career opportunity. Getting into an MBA program was the easiest and simplest way to access to better paying position. If you are a good employee and you have the right diplomas, employers are calling you to give you a job. This is what I wanted; the chance to interview employers instead of being interviewed by them.

MBA Programs in Canada List

I have gathered information from several MBA schools across Canada to make a list with all the links to their programs. I hope this will be helpful if you are looking for a specific MBA program:

MBA Programs in Canada
Athabasca University MBA Programs Simon Fraser University MBA Programs
Brock University MBA Programs University of Alberta MBA Programs
Cape Breton University MBA Programs University of British Columbia MBA Programs
Carleton University MBA Programs University of Calgary MBA Programs
Concordia University MBA Programs University of Guelph MBA Programs
Dalhousie University MBA Programs University of Lethbridge MBA Programs
First Nations University of Canada MBA Programs University of Manitoba MBA Programs
HEC Montreal MBA Programs University of New Brunswick-Fredericton MBA Programs
Lakehead University MBA Programs University of New Brunswick-Saint John MBA Programs
Lansbridge University MBA Programs University of Northern British Columbia MBA Programs
Laurentian University MBA Programs University of Ottawa MBA Programs
Vancouver Island University MBA Programs University of Quebec at Montreal MBA Programs
McGill University MBA Programs University of Regina MBA Programs
McMaster University MBA Programs University of Saskatchewan MBA Programs
Memorial University of Newfoundland MBA Programs University of Toronto MBA Programs
Mount Saint Vincent University MBA Programs University of Victoria MBA Programs
Queen’s University MBA Programs University of Western Ontario MBA Programs
Royal Military College MBA Programs University of Windsor MBA Programs
Royal Roads University MBA Programs Wilfrid Laurier University MBA Programs
Ryerson University MBA Programs York University MBA Programs
Saint Mary’s University MBA Programs


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