Should You Be Spending Money on eBooks?

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I must admit that over the years I’ve read many eBooks, books, and blog articles. I’ve also spend a few hundred dollars on these premium guides. This may seem foolish on the surface but I’m a firm believer in the saying that knowledge is power.

Should you be spending money on eBooks? Yes I feel that any investment in yourself is a good investment. Today I’m going to look at both sides to the argument so that you can better determine if it makes sense for you to invest your money into online products.

What are the benefits of reading and investing in eBooks?

  • You pick up someone else’s expertise. When you read an article or pay for a premium product you’re acquiring an abundance of knowledge. You know have learn from the expertise of someone that has been there and done that.
  • You speed up your growth. With picking up expertise from someone else, you can now speed up your own growth. You won’t make the same mistakes as others and you’ll be guided in the right direction.
  • You get ahead of the competition. While your competition is making the same mistakes and being led by the blind, you can invest your time into premium products that will help you stick out.
  • You learn new tips to apply to your life. I’ve never been a big fan of just looking at the cost of something. I try to look at the value. I consider what the value of the book is to me and my life at the point in time. I figure that a $10 book on networking will at least yield me a $100 over the next few months. Now imagine what a life changing guide on fitness could do for your life? What if that manually finally forces you to start your business? How do you value that?

With those benefits being listed, what are some of the negatives involved with spending your money on eBooks?

  1. Information overload. There’s only so much new content that your mind can retain. Your eventually going to peak. You’re going to overload your mind with information.
  2. Waste of resources. Your time and money are both valuable. If you get nothing out of a premium product, it’s going to be a waste of your resources.
  3. You can find the same information for free. When you purchase a premium product, you’re paying for convenience. You have the convenience of having all of this information in one place. The setback is that you can find this same content for free without spending your money on it.
  4. You need to do more. There’s only so much that you can read about. I certainly became an information junkie. I would consume information and not do anything with it. This is a sad way to live life. I eventually start to read less and apply more. I’ve seen much better results through the latter strategy.

At the end of the day the decision is all yours. Will you invest your time and money into eBooks? Where will you focus your energy?


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