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While I have written a decent amount of content about using several excel functions, how to build a macro and various other excel tutorials, there are also alternatives that can be used. Recently I wrote about Google docs which is a cloud based alternative to using Microsoft excel. I mainly discussed using the finance functions to get live portfolio pricing. It is incredibly powerful and while the tool is relatively new, it has been a growing part of what I’ve been personally working on. Why? Cloud computing isn’t new but it continues to become better and more powerful and there is certainly a lot more flexibility when you do not rely on your data always being accessible from the computer you are using.

So yes, I will be writing a lot more about Google docs spreadsheets and how to use them for finance tools, etc.

My Wife Goes Apple!!

After the arrival of the iPod and the iPad into our house, I should have known that having an Apple computer would be that next step. That is exactly what happened when my wife decided she’d like to have a MacBook Air as her new laptop (it was well due for a change). Since we left for vacations recently, I decided that we should bring the slimmer laptop (hers!) instead of my clunky windows based laptop. I did have work to do but I figured that with the Apple Excel version, I’d be good to go right? Wrong…! In fact I turned out having some issues with functions but mostly with running some macros. Being away from home, it was quite a challenge to work on figuring out and resolving those issues but as I am now back, I’d like to tackle some of them. I figure that I’m surely not the only person running into such issues.

So before starting to write, I’d love to hear from you if you’ve had challenges adapting to the Apple excel version and if so in what ways. I’d be more than happy to try helping you out and at the same time get good examples to display on this website.

I’d love to hear from you, simply comment on this post and I will get back to you by email if I can help:)

Look forward to more about alternative spreadsheets uses such as Google Spreadsheets and Apple-based Excel:)

Thanks again!


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Yes. No DDE or RTD interfaces for quote data on the native Mac versions of Excel.