Almost Ready To Upgrade To Office 2013

Excel 2013

For reasons that I won’t get into, I had to buy a new laptop and Office this weekend. I hesitated about buying Office 2010 knowing that Office 2013 is perhaps weeks away from being officially launched. That is when the sales guy told me that not only is 2010 offered at a special low price but it comes with a free 1 year upgrade to Office 2013!

How It Works

Once I install and activate my Office 2010 license, I can ask to be notified as soon as the Office 2013 version is ready for download.

Why A 1 Year Upgrade?

From what I understand, the new office version will not really have an upfront cost. Instead, it will charge a monthly fee to use. I personally don’t have much of an issue with it, it will provide more flexibility, make it easier to do upgrades, etc. It’s not as if I was using an Office version for years anyway. I’ll be very curious to see what the monthly fee will be but I’ve heard it would be of $5 or so which sounds very reasonable to me.

So within a day or two, I will be installing Office 2010 and will hopefully get more information about the free upgrade at the same time. For now, I took the “Office Home and Student 2010” version so I’ll also be interested to see if there are significant differences between the two.

Are You Anxious To Upgrade?

Personally, I’m a little worried that changes might be significant in the new version (it did take me a while to adapt from Excel 2003 to Excel 2010) but I do still think that having a cloud-based will offer significant benefits.. especially if all of my macros and advanced function based spreadsheets do end up working


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