4 Reasons to Charter a Jet For Your Next Business Trip

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There’s a situation with a major client that needs to be addressed now. While much of it can be done remotely, there are still some tasks that must be managed face to face. That means you have to be in front of the client quickly. Instead of trying to arrange something with a commercial airline, look into the idea of a private jet charter from Novajet.com. Here are some reasons why this approach is what you need right now.

A Commercial Flight Won’t Get You There in Time

You’ve already looked at flight schedules with the major airlines. Even if you tried flying standby in hopes of taking advantage of a last-minute cancellation, the chances of getting to your destination in time are somewhere between slim and none. That’s not a position you want to be in when one of your most valued customers is on the line.

With charter flights, you tell them when you want to leave. In most situations, the service can accommodate your schedule and ensure everything is ready by the time you get to the airport. Even if this is a trip that came up at the last minute, you’ll find that a charter service is much more flexible with departure times than the average commercial airline.

Getting Work Done on the Flight

If you’ve ever tried to get some work done on a commercial flight, you know that’s not easy. This is especially true if you’ve flown in what’s sometimes still known as business or economy class. The seats are cramped, you have no room, and those trays don’t provide much of a surface for doing work. There’s also the kid behind you who keeps kicking the seat.

Seating on charter flights tend to provide more room. Since you’re flying solo or possibly with only a few people, there are less distractions. If you need to work more on a presentation or get the details in a legal document down pat, there will be time to do do. Best of all, you can focus on the task in relative comfort. Think of what that means in terms of being prepared when the jet lands and you make your way to the client’s office.

Landing in a Smaller Airport

Your client happens to be in a small to mid-sized city. There’s an airport, but larger aircraft can’t land there. Fortunately, a charter jet can land there with ease.

This is great, since you won’t have to settle for landing in the nearest larger city and then driving the rest of the way. That leaves more time to get to the hotel, rest a little, and then get ready to meet your client. You can bet that the service handling the management of your aircraft will confirm that landing in that city is possible, and ensure you get there on time.

Making Schedule Changes if Necessary

Things turned out to be more complicated than you thought. That means you won’t be returning to your city on the date that you anticipated. Making changes to a flight itinerary can be difficult with a commercial airline, but things are simpler to manage with a charter service.

As soon as you know that it’s necessary to extend your stay, let the service know. They will cancel the previous outbound flight and set up a new one. The entire process may not take more than ten minutes. If you need to salvage an account and that means traveling to the client’s place of business, don’t rely on a commercial flight to get there. Call a charter service instead. The amount of time you save may mean the difference between losing a lucrative account and keeping it for many years to come.


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