Will Replacement Windows Really Benefit Me Financially?

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If you own a home long enough, the day will come when you need to invest in new doors and windows. Even as you begin to pore over a list of window companies in Calgary, there may be some hesitation on your part. Will new windows really bring about much in the way of benefits? Given the condition of the current ones, new windows will do a lot for you financially as well as in other ways. Here are some examples to consider.

Reducing Heating and Cooling Costs

Windows that are worn out are likely allowing a fair amount of air to seep in through cracks and other problem areas. Add in the fact that an older home may still be sporting single pane glass instead of the newer double or triple pane glass and you have one more issue that makes heating and cooling the space more difficult. New windows can change all of that.

New windows get rid of any tiny cracks in the framework as well as between the sashes. With more energy efficient glass in place, you also have a stronger barrier against extreme weather. The result is that your heating and cooling system runs less and still keeps the temperature inside at a comfortable level. Less energy usage translates into lower monthly energy bills.

New Windows and Your Home Insurance

Did you know that your home insurance provider might smile on those new windows with a lot of favor? That’s because the glass of today is not just better suited to keeping out the heat and the cold. It’s also harder to break.

Why does this matter? Windows that make it harder for intruders to get into the home means that you’re less likely to file any claims due to being a victim of a burglary. Some insurance providers are willing to provide discounts if the new windows include features that make the place more secure.

Saving Money on Upkeep and Maintenance

How much are you spending on repairs and general window maintenance right now? Did you know that the right choice of window style and materials could reduce those expenses by a noticeable margin? From eliminating the need to repaint the frames to replacing components that have decayed, smart choices will save a lot in the years to come.

Remember that the new windows are likely to come with something that the old ones don’t provide: a life-time warranty for Edmonton windows. If you do need some type of work in the future, there’s a good chance that the warranty will cover all or most of the expense. That’s another way you save money.

Protecting the Home’s Market Value

You may not be planning on selling the house immediately, but what happens if you decide to move a few years from now? Would your property be able to earn top dollar in the housing market? If you have windows that are in excellent condition, the odds of getting a better asking price are quite real.

While some buyers look for places they can fix up themselves, others are more interested in houses that need little to no work. One look at the windows may be all it takes for a buyer to choose your home over a similar one that will likely need new windows in the next several years.

There’s no doubt that new windows benefit you in more than one way. Talk with a contractor today and see what options are available. With the right choice, those new windows will serve you well for decades.


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