What Can You Do With a Finished Basement?


The basement remains of of the largely untouched areas of the house. You seldom enter the space other than to tuck away something that will never be used again anyway. Why not make the space into something that you can use? With the aid of professionals from Basementscanada.com, Ontario basement renovation leader, there are all sorts of ways to convert the basement into something that provides benefits. Here are some ideas to consider.

Create a Home Office

Do you currently use a corner of the bedroom as a home office? Maybe you have to set everything up on the dining room table and then put it away when you’re done. Along with being a hassle, it’s easier to lose track of documents and other things that you need.

Convert the basement into a home office and everything can stay exactly where you need it to stay. Include shelving for storing reference books, include space for filing cabinets, and have plenty of space for your devices. A comfortable chair to sit in while you work on a laptop or desktop that’s residing on the desk provides the ideal setting to manage household assets, work on projects, or even manage a home-based business. Best of all, you can close the basement door and not be distracted by any noises coming from the main floor.

Make the Space Into a Guest Suite

Weekend guests usually end up sleeping on the fold-out couch in the den. In some cases, you give up your bedroom and sleep in the den. That’s not the way things have to be if you finish and renovate the basement.

Make the space into a guest suite, including a private bath. Your guests can settle in and enjoy a good night’s sleep in attractive surroundings. They can also enjoy a nice shower in the morning without having to compete with other family members for bathroom space.

The Perfect Place for a Craft Room

If you or someone else in the home is into crafts, finding a place to work can be difficult. The dining room may work, but you feel the compulsion to bundle everything up and shove it into the closet when someone is coming over. A craft room in the basement changes that.

With your own craft room, all the projects can remain where they are. The Ottawa basement remodelling can include storage so you can keep the supplies organized. Also include surfaces where you can lay out larger projects and leave them there until they’re completed. When company comes, close the basement door and no one will be the wiser.

How About an Efficiency Apartment to Rent Out?

Would you like to create a new source of income? It may be possible to rework the basement into an efficiency apartment. With it’s own entrance, tenants could come and go as they please. You in turn have a steady flow of extra money each month. Set aside part of the money for home maintenance and use the rest for something that you would like. Everyone wins.

These are only some ideas of what to do with a renovated basement. Talk with a contractor if you have something particular in mind and see what it would take. In less time than you thought possible, the basement will be space that makes life a little better rather than where you dump things that may never be used again.


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