How to Kill Distractions Right Now


You want to blog more? Do you want to be more productive with your time? Are you tired of being so behind all of the time?

I know how you feel. I fall victim to distractions all of the time. I go to work on my huge and audacious eBook project, only to find myself vacuuming the place. Sure, the place needs to be cleaned. However, my work needs to get done. I can vacuum later.

Let’s look at how you can kill distractions right now:

Ditch email.

As important as email is, it can be a huge distraction at the end of the day. Email is great for communication. However, you don’t need to be in touch 24/7. You need to get some work done. This is why I suggest you ditch email when trying to work on blog posts or some huge goal.

You go on to respond to an email, then you finish yourself wiring up long drawn out messages just to avoid getting any work done. Typical.

Get off the net.

Once again, as critical as the net is, it can also be a huge distraction. You go on to finish up a blog post, and then you find yourself on Facebook chatting to friends about nonsense. You need to get off the net. Avoid the “Wikipedia” trap where you go online and start researching obscure stats.

If you want to get work done, you need to avoid surfing the net for hours. Facebook is fun for photos. Useless for getting any real work done.

Play music.

Cut the whole world out by justing putting on some tunes. Grab your head phones and get to work. Play your favorite playlist, sit back and enjoy yourself.

What tunes will you blast? What music gets you pumped up for work?

Work in time blocks.

Realistically, most of us just inherently have short attention spans. This is why we need to work with this weakness. Nobody can work for 2-4 hours straight. I consider trying to sit down in a 30 minute block to see how much work you can do.

Working in time blocks helps you get started and build momentum.

Throw out your clutter.

My desk used to be filled with clutter. Now it just has a few books and notepads for me to jot down my ideas. That’s all that I need. All of that clutter would just distract me and interfere with my productivity.

Those are my best tips for ditching distractions to get actual work done. You’ll be surprised when you see what can be done when you live a distraction-free life.

Are you ready to destroy those distractions?


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ngalla oswald

good to know how to minimize distractions. i think bad company corrupts good manners and some friends are a bad seed to be around, because they really distract. all the same thanks.

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Music doesn’t work much for me anymore specially when the playlist includes all my favorite songs. One minute I’m working, the next minute I am looking up the artist or the lyrics to the song so I could sing along. Classical music is okay though. I also find cleaning before working mitigates distractions. I have found myself too many times stopping in the middle of work to clean the keyboard or throw out the trash. When I get back to working again I find that I have spent 30-45 minutes just cleaning.

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