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I signed up to be a sponsor through Women for Women International

Personal finance

For quite some time now, I’ve felt I should be doing more for the world than just shuttling back and forth to and from work, so I made improving in this area one of my resolutions for this year. After all, part of having a healthy financial situation is not only to have the right balance between saving and spending, but also giving back, right?

Some months ago, when I was looking through various microfinance sites (for opportunities to work as well as volunteer), I ran across one called that intrigued me because of their sponsorship program. One of the toughest things for me (and probably many others) has always been trying to find enough time between working long hours at a full-time job and spending time with family to squeeze in and give back to the world in an effective way.

When I read about WFWI’s sponsorship program, I decided that it was probably just what I was realistically looking for. Here’s how it works: for about $27 a month, you basically get to sponsor a woman participating in the WFWI program who lives in a war-torn area. Currently, the choices listed on the WFWI site are Afghanistan, Boznia and Herzegovina, the Dem. Rep. of the Congo, Kosova, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Sudan. I opted to just be matched to wherever the greatest need was, and a few weeks ago I found out I was matched to someone in Kosova.

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