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Found and received $105 through

Personal finance

A few months ago, we . I’m happy to say that we received a check in the mail today for $105, about three months after submitting the claim.

They didn’t include details with the check, but I’m guessing it’s related to some tax refund due to my husband back when we were in school and he worked at an internship.

Anyway, it was a nice surprise, and I plan on checking again in the future. Looks like they update the site regularly with new and additional info. Now they show who’s reporting the money as well.

Personal finance steps we’ve taken for our baby so far

Parenting, Personal finance

In the 4 months that we’ve had our baby, my husband and I have found ourselves taking a lot of steps already in researching and preparing him finance-wise for the world. I’ve was surprised at how much there was to consider. Maybe we’re jumping the gun, but in case it’s useful, I thought I’d document what we’ve done so far for our son:
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